A comprehensive range of solutions to store your data

There are sometimes constraints that will depend on the type of data you need to store and what it is used for — so an adapted solution is required. Whether you need an object storage solution, block storage, a long-term archiving space, or a backup solution for Public Cloud volumes and instances, Airsoft offers cloud storage solutions to suit all your needs.

Our cloud storage solutions offer exceptional performance, security, and data protection — which makes them perfect for professional cloud storage. And to ensure that you maintain full control of your data, Airsoft guarantees reversibility — so you can recover your data at any time without any issues.

Our cloud storage solutions

Block Storage

When persistent storage requirements increase, you can instantly meet growing demands by hot-adding extra disks to increase the instance’s capacity. These volumes are securely hosted in our clusters, and can be used to meet the requirements of applications that handle large volumes of data.

Object Storage

Upload your static files (videos, images, web files) to an unlimited space. Use them from your application or make them accessible on the web via our S3 API.

This storage space can be scaled up as your project grows, with no need to plan for it in advance. It’s the perfect place for storing performance-intensive data. It can meet the requirements of big data and artificial intelligence (AI), or simply help you get the most out of your data. 

Cloud Archive

Whether it’s for business needs or other obligations, long-term data retention is often a necessity. Two points are important here: the cost of storage, which must be reduced, and data security and recovery, which must be guaranteed. The OVHcloud Cloud Archive solution has been designed with this in mind.

Volume Snapshot

When managing infrastructures and applications, the ability to go back is a key part of your overall security. Volume snapshots give you peace of mind when working with important data during tasks like updating or cleaning databases. With this service, you can “capture” the status of a volume’s information at a given time, while carrying on using it as normal. You can then restore your data to its state at the time the snapshot was taken, should this ever prove necessary.

Volume Backup

Back up your Block Storage volumes. The backed-up data is stored on our Object Storage service.

Instance Backup

As automated deployments and Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) services become increasingly popular, a system backup is essential. That’s why your instances at OVH can be backed up at any time. The server will export the instance’s disk, enabling you to industrialise your deployments.